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Local fan clubs wanted!

Think globally. Rock locally. And to help you do that, we're putting together a global list of local Pearl Jam fan groups. Check it out.

Do you run a local group? We'd love to feature you. It's free, of course (this is, after all). We've even got a handy submission form. If you belong to a group, or know someone who runs one, please let them know about the list. Let's make it awesome.

We love you, seeders!

When this screenshot was taken last night, there were just over 4,500 active seeds of our torrents. Now there are 4,923, less than a day later. That's a growth of more than 3x in just the past week. We're thrilled that so many people are helping. This project would literally be impossible without all of you, so we wanted to say a huge "thank you" to everyone. You rock!

Remember that you can always see a list of all our active torrents at "Available Bootlegs".

More and more shows

We've been hard at work adding shows — there are 74 of them as of this writing, but certainly more by the time you read this. We've added a page where you can always see all the available bootlegs for download, and we've added a bunch of navigation and styling improvements through the whole site.

We've also added a newsletter signup. It's right over there.

Why don't you take a moment to sign up? It's free, and we'll never spam you nor give your address to anyone else.

Talk to you soon!