pjsho.ws Radio

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer the Pearl Jam family a free, noncommercial, legal, 24/7 radio stream of Pearl Jam live performances.


To listen to the radio station, use the in-page player anywhere on the site. It looks like this. You can leave it on the page, or click the arrow in the upper-right to open it in a new window.

pjsho.ws Radio Widget

If you want to use another media player instead, paste this link into that application:

Here are instructions for two popular programs:


1. Select "Open Stream" from the "File" menu.


2. Enter the URL (http://radio.pjsho.ws/stream) into the dialog box.



1. Select "Open Network" from the "File" menu.


2. Enter the URL (http://radio.pjsho.ws/stream) into the dialog box.


If you're still having trouble, post here in the comments so someone can help you.

Enjoy, and keep rocking!

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