Pearl Jam Bootleg from 2013-12-04, Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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  1. Oceans
  2. Can't Keep
  3. Low Light
  4. Corduroy
  5. Breakerfall
  6. Mind Your Manners
  7. Why Go
  8. Gods' Dice
  9. Lightning Bolt
  10. In Hiding
  11. Even Flow
  12. Setting Forth
  13. Not For You
  14. Daughter
  15. Infallible
  16. After Hours
  17. Sirens
  18. Jeremy
  19. Gonna See My Friend
  20. Improv 12/02/13
  21. Porch
  22. Soon Forget
  23. Yellow Moon
  24. Thumbing My Way
  25. Footsteps
  26. Mother
  27. Insignificance
  28. Given To Fly
  29. Got Some
  30. Better Man
  31. Go
  32. Do The Evolution
  33. Black
  34. Alive
  35. Kick Out The Jams
  36. Yellow Ledbetter

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Original info file

December 4, 2013
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Rogers Arena

My 14th Pearl Jam show, in my 5th country seeing them in, and the night Eddie Vedder became the first person I've seen perform 20 times. So there's that. Really good show, and by far the longest I've ever seen by anyone. Nice hearing a lot of songs live for the first time.

I got to my seat just before Mudhoney started and found I was next to two older ladies. They looked like you'd be buying cookies from them at a farmers market - you know, just sweet old ladies. But holy shit do they smoke a lot of pot. A day later, I still have a sore throat from sitting next to them.

I went for a walk after Mudhoney and returned to find the people on my other side showed up. I didn't really look at them before I sat down. A few minutes later, the guy directly to my right asked me what my favorite Pearl Jam song is. I hesitated, as I don't really have a favorite song by a band that is just generally a favorite band, and also because this guy looked exactly like the guy from Nickelback and I found it startling, but I finally mumbled "Sometimes." It's the best I could do on short notice. Later on, a guy in front of us turned around and started talking to Fake Chad Kroeger about his favorite songs because he'd heard our awkward chat. That quickly turned into Fake Chad trying to convince the guy in front of us (GIFOU) to join his band after learning he plays bass. No one in Vancouver plays bass, I learned, except, of course, for GIFOU. Fake Chad's band sounds like the Black Crowes. GIFOU plays with a pick and also his fingers, but mostly pick. Fake Chad needs a finger guy. Fake Chad spent some time trying to convince GIFOU that the band he's already playing bass for is no good and has a stupid name, and that a smart musician would be able to recognize a good opportunity. Fake Chad called himself a "jaded cunt" twice. Oh, Fake Chad. When Pearl Jam finally came on, he did a lot of stomping and thrashing, seemingly randomly, and he liked to scream sometimes. He was awful, but he did leave before the main set finished.

I have Fake Chad and GIFOU's entire conversation recorded but decided to leave it out of this already-huge download. If you want it, let me know.

As I said above, this is the longest show I've been to. Apparently, after about 3 hours, the H2 decides it needs to create a new file. While saving and creating the new file, a tiny bit of talking was cut off along with the very beginning of "Kick Out The Jams." Very little was lost, but I thought I should mention it.

Sound's better than expected. Samples below.

1. (intro)
2. Oceans
3. Can't Keep
4. Low Light
5. Corduroy
6. Breakerfall
7. Mind Your Manners
8. Why Go
9. Gods' Dice
10. Lightning Bolt
11. In Hiding
12. Even Flow
13. Setting Forth
14. Not for You/Modern Girl (Sleater-Kinney)
15. Daughter/It's OK (Dead Moon)
16. Infallible
17. After Hours (Velvet Underground)
18. Sirens
19. Jeremy
20. Gonna See My Friend
21. Improv 12/02/13 (as listed on
22. Porch
23. (encore break)
24. Soon Forget
25. Yellow Moon
26. Thumbing My Way
27. Footsteps
28. Mother (Pink Floyd)
29. Insignificance
30. Given to Fly
31. Got Some
32. Better Man
33. (encore break)
34. Go
35. Do the Evolution
36. Black
37. Alive
38. Kick Out the Jams (MC5) (w/ Mark Arm and Steve Turner)
39. Yellow Ledbetter

3 hours, 13 minutes, 55 seconds

Zoom H2-->WAV-->Audacity to raise volume and try to reduce bass-->CD Wave for track splitting-->you guys


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