Pearl Jam Bootleg from 2012-07-05, O2 World, Berlin, Germany

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  1. Oceans
  2. Breakerfall
  3. Animal
  4. Save You
  5. In Hiding
  6. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
  7. Corduroy
  8. Amongst The Waves
  9. Even Flow
  10. Eruption
  11. Sad
  12. Not For You
  13. Present Tense
  14. Down
  15. Do The Evolution
  16. Go
  17. Hail, Hail
  18. Come Back
  19. Mother
  20. Just Breathe
  21. Nothingman
  22. Better Man
  23. Wasted Reprise
  24. Life Wasted
  25. Porch
  26. Blood
  27. Alive
  28. Baba O'Riley
  29. Yellow Ledbetter

Pearl Jam is currently selling bootlegs to this show, so we can only accept fan bootlegs. Have one?

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
July 5th 2012
O2 World - Berlin, Germany

01 Metamorphosis 2
02 Oceans
03 Breakerfall
04 Animal
05 Save You
06 In Hiding
07 Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
08 Jam
09 Corduroy
10 Amongst The Waves
11 Even Flow
12 Eruption
13 Sad
14 Not For You
15 Present Tense
16 Down
17 Do The Evolution
18 Come Back
19 Hail Hail
20 Go
21 Encore Break
22 Mother
23 Just Breathe
24 Nothingman
25 Better Man
26 Wasted Reprise
27 Life Wasted
28 Porch
29 Encore Break
30 Blood
31 Alive
32 Baba O'Riley
33 Yellow Ledbetter

Neumann KM140's > AETA PSP3 > Edirol R09HR > HarBal 2.3

- downloaded from the zomb (originally seeded on the zomb by Deadmarsh, so all thanks and praise is due to Deadmarsh)
- sector boundary error on track 33 fixed with TLH; checksums created with TLH.
- uploaded to TTD.

I wanted to share this great-sounding gem on TTD since I know there's many users here waiting for a recording of this show. I believe the "HarBal 2.3" step in the lineage to be in compliance with TTD rules, since it was applied to the original fileset prior to first seeding it, so I consider this mastering, not remastering.

This was a totally awesome show, and having been at this show, let me say the taper did an awesome job at avoiding the extremely high crowd noise levels (singing, clapping, etc.) that night.


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