Pearl Jam Bootleg from 2006-11-11, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia

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  1. Severed Hand
  2. Corduroy
  3. Given To Fly
  4. Save You
  5. World Wide Suicide
  6. Dissident
  7. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
  8. Gone
  9. Wishlist
  10. Even Flow
  11. MFC
  12. You Are
  13. Not For You
  14. Better Man
  15. Wasted Reprise
  16. Life Wasted
  17. Do The Evolution
  18. Picture In A Frame
  19. Daughter
  20. W.M.A.
  21. Crazy Mary
  22. Alive
  23. Why Go
  24. Blood
  25. Comatose
  26. Porch
  27. Kick Out The Jams
  28. Yellow Ledbetter

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Another loud, sold-out Brisbane crowd experiences a powerful and energetic show. "Save You" sees the front rows clapping with Ed during the middle. Following "Dissident" Ed comments that "... it didn't feel like we'd even made it to Australia until the show here last night" (one of many references made during the Australian tour regarding the subdued Sydney crowd on Nov. 11).

Set: Severed Hand, Corduroy, Given To Fly, Save You, World Wide Suicide, Dissident, Elderly Woman..., Gone, Wishlist, Even Flow, MFC, You Are, Not For You, Better Man, Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted, Do The Evolution

Encore 1: Picture in a Frame, Daughter/W.M.A., Crazy Mary, Alive

Encore 2: Why Go, Blood, Comatose, Porch, Kick Out the Jams, Yellow Ledbetter


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