Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1998-09-19, Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, USA

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  1. Long Road
  2. Act Of Love
  3. Hail, Hail
  4. Dissident
  5. Given To Fly
  6. Corduroy
  7. Wishlist
  8. Not For You
  9. All Those Yesterdays
  10. W.M.A.
  11. Daughter
  12. Rockin' In The Free World
  13. Whipping
  14. Immortality
  15. Daughter
  16. Push Me, Pull Me
  17. Faithfull
  18. Present Tense
  19. Rearviewmirror
  20. Black
  21. Do The Evolution
  22. I Got Id
  23. Better Man
  24. Alive
  25. Soldier Of Love
  26. Yellow Ledbetter

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
September 19, 1998
Constitution Hall: Washington, DC
Voters for Choice Benefit

Source: Sonic Studios(DSM6) > Sony TCD-D100 (2nd row) > dat > cdr > dEQ > cdr ["Patriot" pre-show, Gloria speech, and first 1.2 songs are Countryman Isomax II > Sony PCM-M1 (Sec.F, row D) > dat > cdr > dEQ > cdr] > flac
Digital Editing and Remastering: Fred Evans
Digital Editing (Gloria Steinem speech patching and retracking): Allen Robertson
Artwork: Allen Robertson


01 I Am a Patriot (before Hovercraft)
02 "Respect" (Gloria Steinem speech)
03 Long Road
04 Act of Love (^)
05 Hail Hail
06 Dissident
07 Given to Fly
08 Corduroy
09 Wishlist
10 Not for You
11 All Those Yesterdays
12 Daughter/(Rockin' in the Free World)/(W.M.A.)
13 Whipping
14 Immortality
15 Push Me Pull Me (#)
16 Faithfull

01 "Dear Pearl Jam"
02 Present Tense
03 Rearviewmirror
04 Black
05 Do the Evolution
encore 1:
06 "L7 & Young Neil"
07 I Got Shit
08 Better Man
09 Alive
10 "Thanks & the Other Side"
11 Soldier of Love
encore 2:
12 "History"
13 Yellow Ledbetter


(^) = last time Act of Love has been played live to this date
(#) = last time Push Me, Pull Me has been played live to this date (the only other time it was fully played was on 8/29/98)

Recording Notes (FGE):
Some parts of 'Patriot' were made mono to remove mic bumps in one channel, while other parts were patched with the SS>D100 (sec L, row M) source to remove mic bumps in both channels. This results in a shifty sound, but it's better than the mic bumps or the constant loud talking/screaming throughout the SS source. There's also a channel shift at the beginning of 'Act of Love' that's on the CMII source and was not patched with the SS source due to equipment problems during the same section. Part of Corduroy was patched with the SS (2nd row) because someone talked to the CMII taper.

Recording Notes (spacedvest):
Best source...FGE left out the Gloria speech, and this was later patched back in place. This required the whole show to be retracked and some tracks moved to the second disc due to time constraints.

Artwork Notes (spacedvest):
Instead of releasing their live compilation album "Live on Two Legs" after the 1998 tour, Pearl Jam came very close to releasing a live release for this Washington show called "Live at Constitution Hall". At the last minute, it was decided to release the live compilation instead (it was so close that artwork for the Constitution Hall release had already been completed). This release is kind of a "what if?" release which is supposed to try and capture what the public may have gotten if Pearl Jam had not changed their minds.

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
Ed says, "Hi, it feels like we're in the White House ... we haven't played a place with carpet in a while; I think this place is the last bastion of sanity in town. Music is the choice; we're here tonight, you're gonna hear words and entertainment, not in any particular order; Hovercraft's gonna come out (applause ... someone shouts 'Ed for President') ... It's not gonna happen, unless you agree to release the tapes that say, 'Ed was sitting in his hotel room smoking pot out of a bong (applause)" and he goes into 'I Am a Patriot.' Several speakers follow from Voters For Choice, and then Gloria Steinem speaks: "I pledge to you that I will go to jail before I tell Ken Starr anything that goes on here tonight ... These guys live their beliefs; they're smart and good-hearted; they use their heads and their minds, they started out, they had tough times, but they weren't broken by them, and it's rare that any other group that they've remained themselves with their success ... they look after their true selves and your true selves" and then she introduces the band, making mistakes on Stone and Mike's names. =) The band comes out and Ed says, "You know why we're here; we'll talk later." During 'Not for You,' Ed comments: "We want to dedicate this next set of lines to the CC" before the "all that's sacred line" (referring to the Christian Coalition, who are meeting in DC this week). Ed's delivery during 'All Those Yesterdays' is particularly notable and distinct. 'Push Me Pull Me' is a little rough, and Ed shrugs at the end, and then says, "This one we'll do better ..." leading to 'Faithfull.' Somebody passes up a big sign, and he reads it: "Dear PJ: word up, dogs ... you guys fucking kick it. Look us up when you're back in DC, we're in the book; Bill, Hillary and Chelsea." (That was not what the sign really said =)). And then in a Clinton voice, Ed says, "He just needs to go on TV and say, 'Shoot, it's no big deal'...but I guess he already did that a couple of weeks ago." Someone shouts "I love you Eddie," and he replies, "Watch it, keep it consensual ... this isn't about issues." Then someone yells, "I love PJ" and Ed says, "Well, so do I ... this just is bipartisan politics in motion, that's what's ruining the country, ruining the office of the President ... people are playing king of the hill while there's people with lives, families, debts and injury who really need help," before starting 'Present Tense.' Mike's solo during 'Black' is right on, and Ed applauds him, and notes him when the song is over. "The last time we played here was with L7 and Young Neil ... he gave me a song writing lesson at a half-price rate; this is what I came up with ... on my final, he gave me a B+ I think" leading to 'I Got Shit.' Mike sings with Ed during 'Better Man' during the "she dreams in color" line! Ed has a bunch of VFC condoms inside his tambourine and starts handing them out toward the end of 'Alive.' Ed thanks the VFC people, "They're not up there to lead any one astray; don't let the funny business down the street think that voting isn't worth it. Vote for what you believe." 'Soldier of Love' is dedicated to "people on the other side of the issue." Gloria comes out with roses before 'YL,' and says, "There's history here tonight; this is the first time Hovercraft has played Voters for Choice; Pearl Jam's third; Sadie 7 is really Beth Liebling, Ed Vedder is Ed Vedder; these are two artists, married to each other, here tonight, both for this cause, and dedicating their time. I want to thank Stone and Mike for not getting pissed at me for messing up their names. I don't know if I can get Beth out here .. (the audience chants 'Beth, Beth') ... this is the crew's bread and butter, I want to thank them for donating their time tonight." Then Beth comes out, takes a rose, she and Ed do a little dance; Beth leaves, and Gloria says, "Democracy comes to those who vote," and the band goes into 'YL.'

This is being distributed by in tandem with, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existence. If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Compiled by spacedvest on 5/16/04.


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