Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1998-09-07, Virginia Beach Amphitheatre, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

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  1. Animal
  2. Hail, Hail
  3. Given To Fly
  4. Corduroy
  5. I Got Id
  6. Daughter
  7. Brain Of J.
  8. Rats
  9. Jeremy
  10. Even Flow
  11. improv
  12. MFC
  13. Wishlist
  14. Leatherman
  15. Off He Goes
  16. Rearviewmirror
  17. Black
  18. Do The Evolution
  19. Immortality
  20. Save it for Later
  21. Better Man
  22. No Way
  23. Alive
  24. Sonic Reducer
  25. Porch

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
September 7th, 1998
GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheater
Virginia Beach, VA

Taper: Unknown
Source: Sonic Studios (DSM6S) > PA-6LC > Sony TCD-D100

CD > WAV > SHN: Daniel Gottlieb (
Equipment: Toshiba SD1212 DVD-ROM > Exact Audio Copy > MkW Audio Compression Tools


Disc 1

01 - Animal
02 - Hail Hail
03 - Given To Fly
04 - Corduroy
05 - I Got Id
06 - Daughter
07 - Brain of J.
08 - Rats
09 - Jeremy
10 - Even Flow
11 - Improv
12 - MFC
13 - Wishlist
14 - Leatherman
15 - Off He Goes
16 - Rearviewmirror

Disc 2
01 - Black
02 - Do The Evolution
03 - Immortality
04 - Betterman
05 - No Way
06 - Alive
07 - Sonic Reducer
08 - Porch

NOTES: A near full moon tonight and an outdoor venue. Before 'Given to Fly,' Ed tells the crowd to check it out and he notes, "It's nice to be here ... beautiful moon ... nice and hot ... a really good night for singing." There isn't a 'Daughter' tag--Ed sings "shades go down ... the moon is round ... shades go down." 'Rats' is a BIG surprise, introduced as the first time played with Matt C., [we haven't heard this since Buffalo '96] off the second album, doesn't get played much and "if I screw up the words, fuck you ... at least we're giving it a try." The improv leading to 'MFC' is much like the improv leading to 'Habit' at many of the Australian shows earlier this year. Later Ed says, "Is there a difference between a dreamer and someone who wishes for something? I think there is. I still haven't figured out which I am," leading to 'Wishlist.' Ed chokes on some of the 'Leatherman' lyrics so he sings "la, la" for a whole verse and makes fun of himself. During 'RVM,' the band is silouetted and different colors are cycled through on the backdrop, making a nice effect. Mike absolutely rules 'Black' every night. The stage is very wide at Virginia Beach and he runs all over it. Ed makes a crack about how they just found out there's a curfew but they'll play right up to it and then says that they also just learned that Stone's zipper was down during the first set but "no one got hurt." 'Porch' is outstanding with a shirtless Mike playing the flying V, fast breakdown with the tribal drums and Ed has the hand mirror out again. Other highlights: rocking 'Alive' and 'Sonic Reducer;' long 'Save it for Later' tag. Band was great; crowd was drunk.


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