Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1998-08-25, Star Lake Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. Release
  2. Brain Of J.
  3. Last Exit
  4. Corduroy
  5. I Got Id
  6. Faithfull
  7. Even Flow
  8. Jeremy
  9. MFC
  10. Rearviewmirror
  11. Wishlist
  12. Daughter
  13. I Want To Live
  14. Outshined
  15. Do The Evolution
  16. Given To Fly
  17. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
  18. Alive
  19. No Way
  20. Animal
  21. Hail, Hail
  22. Not For You
  23. Nothingman
  24. Black
  25. Rockin' In The Free World
  26. Yellow Ledbetter

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Original info file

1998-08-25 Pearl Jam: Star Lake Amphitheatre: Pittsburgh, PA

Source: 2 Source Mix: SS (DSM13) > Sony PCM-M1 (1st row, left) + CS Binaurals > Unknown DAT Source + Soundcheck: SS DSM13 > PA-6LC > Sony PCM-M1 > CD-R

Sound Rating: A- (Sound for the show: A-, Soundcheck: C, Pre-Set: B-)

Disc 1

01. Throw Your Arms Around Me 03:53 (Pre-Set)
02. Release 04:59
03. Brain of J 02:46
04. Last Exit 02:50
05. Corduroy 04:47
06. I Got ID 04:12
07. Faithful 04:48
08. Even Flow 05:20
09. Jeremy 06:14
10. MFC 02:42
11. Rearviewmirror 06:52
12. Wishlist 04:07
13. Daughter/Outshined/I Wanna Live 07:26
14. Do the Evolution 04:31
15. Given to Fly 04:01
16. Small Town 03:26

Disc 2

01. Alive 05:48
02. No Way 06:14
03. Animal 02:40
04. Hail Hail 03:32
05. Not For You 06:26
06. Nothingman 04:37
07. Black 07:16
08. Rockin' in the Free World 08:07
09. Yellow Ledbetter 06:06
10. Ed speaks on tape for a fan 02:05
11. Soundcheck: Red Mosquito 04:25 (Sound: C)
12. Soundcheck: Last Kiss 04:39 (Sound: C)
13. Soldier of Love 05:04 (Sound: C)

Notes to the source: This show is a mix of various sources. The sound on the soundcheck is inferior to
the sound of the show itself. The show itself is A- in sound. The Pre-Set is also not as good in sound as the show. I could have removed the soundcheck for those
who don't like it. But perhaps some will also enjoy hearing the soundcheck regardless of its sound. If there is a better soundcheck source,
please email me at:

Notes from 5H:

Before Iggy Pop, Ed comes out and sings a little song we like to call 'Throw Your Arms Around Me,' substituting "the grey summer skies" due to the Pittsburgh weather. Before 'MFC', Ed says, "It's been a while. So, to make up for it, we'll play every song," and the crowd goes nuts. During the song, Ed changes the words to "there's a lot to be said for Pittsburgh." 'RVM' is a total speed version, with a strange tag in the middle. The first 'Daughter' tag is none other than 'Outshined' by (doh) Soundgarden, except that Ed changes the lyrics to "feeling Pennsylvania ...," and at the end, he adds a bit of 'I Wanna Live' by Iggy. After 'DTE,' Ed comments, "I guess the next step in evolution is, we're gonna have an electrical outlet up our ass, and a Microsoft number given to us at birth ... no, wait, maybe a chip implanted in our ear ... but above all, I'd mention, I'd rather have a pair of wings any day," and they go into 'GTF.' Before the band comes out for the first encore, the audience starts chanting, "Here we go Steelers ..." Then Ed comes out, something in his hand, it's a t-shirt, and someone had written on the front "No" and on the back "Way." So he holds it up, turns it, turns it again, and then he says, "Well, my answer to that ..." and then he turns the shirt so his answer in theory was "No Way" and then he pauses and says, "Wait, what do you think ... should we give it a try?" and the crowd goes nuts. Then he stops and discusses it, and says, "Okay, we're gonna give this one a go" and they go into the first playing of 'No Way' on the 1998 Tour! Ed sticks his head through the tambourine during 'RITFW.' 'Yellow Ledbetter' is introduced: "My good friend [?] and you'll never understand this, is apt to say, 'I'll never talk to clouds on a sunny day'"; during Mike's solo at the end, Eddie grabs a tape recorder held by a fan in the front and talks into it.


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