Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1998-07-10, Viejas Arena, San Diego, California, USA

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  1. Long Road
  2. Corduroy
  3. Last Exit
  4. Brain Of J.
  5. Do The Evolution
  6. Given To Fly
  7. In Hiding
  8. Rearviewmirror
  9. Immortality
  10. Wishlist
  11. Nothingman
  12. Spin The Black Circle
  13. Even Flow
  14. Daughter
  15. Roam
  16. MFC
  17. Alive
  18. Hail, Hail
  19. Jeremy
  20. Go
  21. Lukin
  22. Better Man
  23. Leaving Here
  24. Black
  25. Rockin' In The Free World
  26. Yellow Ledbetter

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
Cox Arena
San Diego, CA

Source: AKG460b + CK63 > Beyer pre-amp > Sony TCD-D8 > DAT (4th Row, right)
Transfer: DAT-C > Archive Python DDS Drive > DAT2WAV 1.2 > WAV
Conversion: WAV > Adobe Audition 1.0 (48KHz -> 44.1KHz, Fade In/Out) > CDWav > FLAC



Disc 1: [71:51.50]

01. Intro [1:01.56]
02. Long Road [5:51.33]
03. Corduroy [4:45.71]
04. Last Exit [2:37.21]
05. Brain of J [2:50.72]
06. Do the Evolution [3:50.07]
07. Given to Fly [4:07.69]
08. In Hiding [5:15.70]
09. Rearviewmirror [6:43.67]
10. Immortality [7:15.12]
11. Wishlist [4:00.10]
12. Nothingman [4:48.70]
13. Spin the Black Circle [2:54.33]
14. Even Flow [5:24.11]
15. Daughter/(Roam) [6:27.22]
16. "Beer and the B-52s" [1:26.49]
17. MFC [2:29.52]

Disc 2: [52:28.73]

01. Alive [5:55.26]
02. Hail, Hail [7:36.28]
03. Encore Break 1 [0:23.63]
04. Jeremy [5:02.10]
05. Go [2:57.17]
06. Lukin [1:31.73]
07. "A Suburban Tale" [0:20.72]
08. Better Man [4:29.09]
09. Leaving Here [2:55.63]
10. Black [6:36.13]
11. Rockin' in the Free World [8:13.15]
12. Encore Break 2 [0:22.29]
13. Yellow Ledbetter [6:04.30]

Total: [124:20.48]

Technical Notes

Taper adjusted levels a little in the beginning of the show, and then a few songs in. There
is some clipping in the first few songs, but it's not audible. Perfect extraction. The only
edits performed were a fade in at the beginning, fade out/in at encore 2 when the taper
paused his DAT, and fade out at the end of the show. There are no fades between disc 1 and
disc 2, so if you are somehow able to get the full first set onto a disc, it will still be

This seed is being distributed with this text file, a set of FLAC fingerprints, a set of MD5
sums for the extracted WAV files, and the SHNTOOL reports.

Show Notes (from 5h)

Tiny venue, poor sound, GREAT crowd, very ON performance with a few rough spots. 'Corduroy'
features a completely different intro, starting out with just guitar and then the drums
build in. Ed skips the first verse of 'RVM' and repeats the second twice, and the second go
round is excellent and the jam goes way out and comes back hard! Not a lot of chat, until
before 'Immortality' Ed says, "hometown boy, Matt Cameron." 'Wishlist' lyric changes: Ed
sings "as fortunate as YOU" and instead of "I wish I was the evidence, I wish I was the
grounds," he says "sound." At the end, he sings, "I wish I was a mountain, wishes can come
true, I wish I wish I wish I wish ... if you ever want to, do ..." (San Diego WAS where the
original PJ lyrics were written.) 'Even Flow' is humorously flubbed--he goes into the
chorus too soon but catches himself, and Mike's wicked solo is reeled back eventually by
Stone, with Ed noting, "that's Mike over there." 'Roam' is a B52s cover, with Ed noting is as
"... one of the deepest secrets they've hidden in their songs besides 'tin roof, rusted'" ;).
'MFC' is introduced with, "If you gotta get out, get a small car." During 'RitFW,' he goes
off on a sarcastic political rant about how he's glad our politicians are out there
protecting us from flag burning ... no need to focus on problems like sewage being poured
into the oceans because we've got flag burners to deal with. Classic Ed intensity. Mike
dedicates 'Yellow Ledbetter' to his dad.

Transferred, converted, and text compiled by Dan Leehr ( on 05/23/04.


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