Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1995-11-06, San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California, USA

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  1. Release
  2. Animal
  3. Last Exit
  4. Even Flow
  5. Dissident
  6. Not For You
  7. Rearviewmirror
  8. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
  9. Go
  10. Tremor Christ
  11. Why Go
  12. Jeremy
  13. Deep
  14. This Boy
  15. Another Brick In The Wall
  16. Daughter
  17. Corduroy
  18. Lukin
  19. Whipping
  20. Immortality
  21. Alive
  22. Black
  23. Blood
  24. Long Road
  25. So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star
  26. Habit
  27. Better Man
  28. Leaving Here
  29. Spin The Black Circle
  30. Porch
  31. Indifference

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
November 6, 1995
San Diego Sports Arena: San Diego, CA

Source: Neumann KM-184 > Sonosax pre-amp > Sony D10 ProII (on 20' micstand, next to SBD cage) > DAT
Transfer: DAT-M > Archive Python 01931 > DAT2WAV > WAV > dEQ > dED > CDWAV > FLAC
(Intro music patched in from MWFM > DAT)

Digital Editing and Remastering: Dan Leehr
Artwork: Allen Robertson

01 intro...An Ending (Ascent)
02 Release
03 Animal
04 Last Exit
05 Even Flow
06 Dissident
07 Not For You
08 Rearviewmirror
09 Elderly Woman
10 Go
11 Tremor Christ
12 Why Go
13 Jeremy
14 Deep
15 Daughter/(This Boy)/(Another Brick in the Wall part II)
16 "We've Been Through A Lot"
17 Corduroy
18 Lukin
19 Whipping

01 Immortality
02 Alive
03 Black
04 Blood
05 encore break 1
06 Long Road
07 Rock 'N Roll Star (short) (^)
08 Habit
09 Better Man
10 "Good News, Bad News"
11 Leaving Here
12 Spin the Black Circle
13 Porch/(I'm One)
14 encore break 2
15 Indifference

(^) = Ed solo

Recording Notes:
This source is complete, one of the finest PJ audience recordings to ever surface. The FM broadcast had
more of the intro music, which that was patched in for good measure. This is direct from the DAT ; a zero-DAE seed.
If you wish to distribute this show, please distribute these FLAC files.

Artwork and Release Notes:
This is the discs 13 and 14 in a fan-created 18-disc boxed set called "The Monkeywrench Chronicles".

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
After 'Jeremy,' Ed says "Thanks. Good singing." for the background vocals. Before 'Corduroy,' the crowd starts the
"Eddie" chant and Ed comments, "We've been through a lot to get into this room tonight. You're gonna embarrass me in
front of my mother." After 'Better Man' he notes, "What a sad fuckin' story. Wanna hear some good news? Of course it's
not as exciting as the bad news. Isn't that true? ... Ever see people rally around a spot of good news? They can take
some bad news and make it last for years." After dissing the Ticketmaster situation and the cops in "north county," he
tells how the proceeds from the difference in the cost of tickets ($50,000) is being donated to the Surfrider Foundation
"... so you can ride the waves."

This is being distributed by in tandem with, and is part of a series of
the best Pearl Jam shows in existance. If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Compiled on 4/5/04 by DCL. More notes by spacedvest on 4/6/04.


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