Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1992-08-22, Bicentennial Park Grounds, Miami, Florida, USA

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  1. Even Flow
  2. Why Go
  3. Deep
  4. Jeremy
  5. Alive
  6. Suggestion
  7. Garden
  8. Porch
  9. Rockin' In The Free World

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
Bicentennial Park Grounds
Miami, FL

Source: Bootleg CD: "Lollapalooza '92" > EAC > WAV > mkwACT > SHN
Transfer: CD > WAV > SHN by Rob Sierzega (
Conversion: SHN > FLAC by

01. Even Flow (cuts in)
02. Why Go
03. Deep
04. Jeremy/Suggestion
05. Alive
06. Garden
07. Porch
08. Rockin' In The Free World

Notes (from
Ed warns after Even Flow: I just want to tell all the photographers, you look like really nice people and those look like really nice cameras. Youre standing pretty close and I cant keep control of myself, not with this many people here. Later he leads the crowd in a rousing chorus of fuck. After Jeremy, You guys need water Lets get these hose fucking going. If I need water they need water. During Porch, Ed gives a little speech: Ill be honest with you, if the Republicans win the election, Im fuckin moving from the United States and never coming back. I just dont think youre that stupid. I think they think youre stupid. I think thats stupid. Al Jourgensen from Ministry joins PJ for part of RITFW. Another good Lolla show.

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