Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1992-06-06, Finsbury Park, London, England

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  1. Wash
  2. Once
  3. Why Go
  4. Jeremy
  5. Deep
  6. Alive
  7. Black
  8. State Of Love And Trust
  9. Even Flow
  10. Porch
  11. Rockin' In The Free World

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Original info file

Finsbury Park
London UK
6th June 1992

Broadcast BBC Radio 2 Live in Concert 18th August 2011

FM Radio > DR07 WAV > audio cleaning lab, volume, edits, fades > TLH flac 8

Uploaded by havrefras on traders den...not sure if he was the taper or not, but most likely.
All major thanks go out to him!!

01 Wash
02 Once
03 Why Go
04 Jeremy
05 Deep
06 Alive
07 Black
08 State Of Love & Trust
09 Even Flow #
10 Porch **
11 Rockin' In the Free World

notes from this show:
1. other acts on the bill: Redd Kross, L7, Therapy?
2. headlining act: The Cult
3. #=dedicated to Dee from L7. the dedication went as follows:
"This band -- yeah, we'll play for a cause every once in a while if it's a good one. Well, this is one that's gonna affect us all. Dee, the drummer from L7, has not had her period for almost two months -- she's a little bit worried about it. So, we dedicate the song 'Even Flow' to her, to her menstrual cycle!"
Lyrics are modified to:
"Feelin', rests her head on a pillow made of Tampax, again,
"Ooh, feelin', maybe she should've bled a few days (all the way??, on the bed??, all bet-ter??), ah yeah."
The rest of this verse is basically normal, but all the "he" words are changed to "she".
It's a little hard to make out exactly what Eddie says after 'few days'...those are some close guesses.
4. Ed encourages the crowd to tape shows.
5. **=hopping into the crowd, Eddie barely makes it back to the stage as security mistakes him for a stagediver.

Jeff Ament - bass guitar
Stone Gossard - rhythm & lead guitar
Mike McCready - lead guitar
Eddie Vedder - vox
Dave Abbruzzese - drums

230e193170bf46a252bc9862ba1ed2e2 *01 Wash.flac
676a169cf3a3c026f9f80531c8613514 *02 Once.flac
aa94e9ef78ae69f2e4fb0759e9c8d320 *03 Why Go.flac
777927b602c6061100824393e9ff4ac5 *04 Jeremy.flac
6062faba91a3f27719815811793bf452 *05 Deep.flac
c3c669994c22d3989050ad4fb892c706 *06 Alive.flac
7d6f573f0d8e25534fe8f20e49afb41b *07 Black.flac
f0641c0aa536be1a2bf3c0b712a51540 *08 State of Love and Trust.flac
5432ccaac0ae09fe8f08190f59ba8527 *09 Even Flow.flac
7f173137978f1caa96fab34c1fbf8371 *10 Porch.flac
244d11c58ff472c6a610151cb6e7ac9a *11 Rockin' in the Free World.flac

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