Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1992-03-28, Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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  1. Release
  2. Even Flow
  3. Improv (You Tell Me)
  4. Rockin' In The Free World
  5. Once
  6. State Of Love And Trust
  7. Alive
  8. Black
  9. Deep
  10. Jeremy
  11. Why Go
  12. Porch
  13. Garden
  14. Leash
  15. Window Paine
  16. I've Got a Feeling

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL

2-Source Mix: [FM > CDR] + [VHS(Tri-Pod) > CDR] > Cool Edit Pro > CDR

Transfer: CDR > PlexWriter PX-W1610A (Offset +69) > EAC v0.9pb11 >
WAV > mkwACT v0.97beta1 > SHN
(Performed by Rob Sierzega,

1st source (Release thru Garden minus RITFW) = A-/B+
2nd source (RITFW, Leash, Window Paine, I've Got a Feeling) = C


01 - Release
02 - You Tell Me (improv)
03 - Even flow
04 - Rockin' In The Free World
05 - Once
06 - SOLAT
07 - Alive
08 - Black
09 - Deep
10 - Jeremy
11 - Why Go
12 - Porch
13 - Garden
14 - Leash
15 - Window Paine
16 - I've Got a Feeling

Notes (From 5H):
notes: Part of this show was broadcast on FM radio. Ed is very upbeat and modifies the 'Release' lyrics to, "I am myself in this, your hometown," likely referring to his father's hometown (Chicago). He notes, "The person the next song is written about is here tonight" before an incredible 'Why Go.' Billy Corgan and D'Arcy from The Smashing Pumpkins join PJ for 'Window Paine' and 'I've Got a Feeling.' Members of U2 were at the show this night and met up with PJ after the show


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