Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1992-03-06, Nighttown, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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  1. Wash
  2. Once
  3. Even Flow
  4. State Of Love And Trust
  5. Alive
  6. Black
  7. Deep
  8. Jeremy
  9. Why Go
  10. Porch
  11. Garden
  12. Straight to Hell Now
  13. Outshined
  14. Leash
  15. I've Got a Feeling

Pearl Jam is not selling this show, so we can accept fan or commercial bootlegs. Have one?

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
Nighttown, Rotterdam

Source: 2ndgen HIFI VHS > CDR > dEQ > CDR
Conversion: SHN > FLAC
Sound: A-/B+

01. Wash
02. Once
03. Even Flow
04. State Of Love And Trust
05. Alive
06. Black
07. Deep
08. Jeremy
09. Why Go
10. Porch
11. Rotterdam Improv #1 (Straight To Hell Now)
12. Garden (Outshined riff played as Ed talks)
13. Leash
14. Rotterdam Improv #2
15. I've Got A Feeling

Notes (from
Another wild, fabulous Holland show. The video guide really tells the story of this show... in other words, it must be seen to be believed.

Edited & converted by (2013-12-11)


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