Pearl Jam Bootleg from 1992-02-10, Virgin Records, Paris, France

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Original info file

Pearl Jam
SV035 - "DEN HAAG"
March 2, 1992
Paard Van Troje: Den Haag, Holland

Bonus Filler:
Feburary 10, 1992
Virgin Records: Paris, France

Den Haag Source: soundboard > Sony WM-D6 > analog-1 > dEdit > dat > cdr > dEdit > flac
(cuts patched with soundboard > Sony WM-D6 > analog-2 > dat > cdr)

Source: unknown Marantz microphone > Sony WM-D3 > analog-1 > dat > cdr > dEdit > dEQ > cdr

Digital Editing (Den Haag): Bill Graham (with some previous editing done on the main source by dan@am-dig)
Digital Editing and Equalization (Paris): Allen Robertson
Artwork: Allen Robertson


Den Haag, Holland 3/2/92
01 intro
02 Oceans
03 Even Flow
04 Why Go
05 Jeremy
06 Deep
07 Alive
08 Black
09 improv "Saying No!"/(Suggestion)
10 Alone
11 Once
12 Porch

01 encore
02 Garden
03 Leash
04 I've Got a Feeling/jam/(Say Hello 2 Heaven)/(Dirty Frank)/jam/(Hunger Strike)/(Jane Says)/jam (^)

Paris, France 2/10/92
05 Wash
06 Alive
07 Black
08 Porch


(^) = Jason Mueller (Ed's brother) jumps onstage and starts jamming with the band.

Recording Notes:
This is the complete Den Haag show (total show time: 87:42). There are some bumps @ 9:57 of IGaF, where it sounds like someone dropped a microphone on stage or something. The filler included is an acoustic session at a French Virgin Records music store, played less than a month before the Den Haag show. Some minor imperfections have been edited and the vocals given a little lift.

Den Haag Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
Ed has more words for stage divers: "Just a couple of words. In my whole life, I never wanted to be a policeman or anything of authority. But in fact, all my life I've been in a crowd like this, and whenever I was back there and people throw up onto the stage and jumped back off it always looked so cool, but when you are up here, see all these peoples' heads bein' smashed in by boots and stuff, it's really fuckin' ridiculous. Prior to 'Black' Ed notes, "You know, we canceled tomorrow night's show just because I knew I would sing with everything I got tonight ... a very good decision I think." 'Suggestion' is an extremely rousing version, renamed 'Saying No in Den Haag' by Ed. Stone and Mike sing an ear splitting acapulco version of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' before 'Porch.' Ed's brother, Jason, jams with the band during a long, lively version of 'I've Got a Feeling' including parts of 'Hunger Strike,' 'Say Hello 2 Heaven' and 'Jane Says' (by Jane's Addiction). Excellent show.

Paris Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
Acoustic performance similar to the previous Tower Records appearances.

This is being distributed by in tandem with, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existence. If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Compiled by BLG on 12/2/03. More notes/revisions by spacedvest on 5/29/04.


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