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New to torrents? We're happy to help!

The concerts on are distributed as torrents. The torrent protocol allows you to download the pieces of a file you need from people who have them, and, at the same time, share the pieces you already have with people who need them.

Before you can listen to the shows, you will need to download them with a type of software called a "torrent client", which does all this automatically. There are many available, but the one we recommend is called μTorrent: it is free, available for both Mac and Windows, easy to use, and safe from viruses and spyware. Get it here:


That link has a great beginner's intro to downloading, and there's a link to install the program at the bottom of the page. Once it's installed, download the .torrent file from the show page, open that file in μTorrent, and your download should start automatically. If you're still confused, don't worry. Just leave a comment and someone will help you.

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  1. Tony Cota

    I have an android, Galaxy 4S and when I tried downloading Torrent it said this file cannot be opened. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Hi Tony!

    You will need a torrent client on your phone; you can't just open the torrent file in your web browser. We haven't used it yet, but μTorrent has a version for Android. We strongly recommend downloading on a desktop or laptop computer, but if you want to use your phone, be sure you are on wifi so that you don't run up your data costs.

    • ck

      is there a way to download on an iphone? thanks!

      • Sadly, no. While everything on this site is totally legal, the type of software that is required to download our shows can be used for illegal purposes, so Apple does not approve such software.

        We recommend downloading on your computer and transferring the tracks to your iPhone via iTunes — or if you would like a shuffled playlist, you can play our radio station from any page on the site. 🙂

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